During Tuesday, of 2,800 appointments that were made, 2,500 citizens came to take the coronavirus shots in the Boris Trajkovski hall in Skopje, the the Healthcare Ministry informed. This is the only mass vaccination site in Macedonia, opened after 24,000 Astra Zeneca vaccines and 20,000 Sputnik vaccines were delivered to the country last week.

With modest previous vaccinations of medical staff, the total number of people who received at least the first shot has reached 13,000 – about 0.8 percent of the population. Additionally, about 10,000 citizens are believed to have taken the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Serbia.

Smaller scale vaccination is taking place in clinics in other cities across the country and priority is given to police and military members, bus drivers, other professions who are in contact with people and the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.