Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj is departing Monday for the United States, where he is set to meet with senior State Department officials.

Deputy PM Marichikj is scheduled to meet with Deputy Assistant Secretary and Special Envoy to the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, Special Advisor to Vice President Kamala Harris for Europe, Robin Brooks, head of the State Department Office for the European Union, Rob Lee, and head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination in the State Department, James O’Brien, who is the nominee to be the next Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

The meetings will focus on the constitutional amendments, the reform agenda with a focus on the judiciary and countering corruption, regional developments and European prospects of the Western Balkans, as well as enhancement of bilateral cooperation in the fields of economy and energy, the Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA) said in a press release.

Marichikj will also take part at a conference organized by the Transatlantic Leadership Network themed “The Western Balkans: Transatlantic and Regional Cooperation – Building Strong Alliances”, as well as a roundtable organized by the Atlantic Council, including experts/associates focusing on the Western Balkans.

The Macedonian delegation also includes Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, SEA State Secretary Drita Abdiu Halili and Nomagas director Bajram Rexhepi.