Republika has learnt that VMRO-DPMNE and VLEN are close to an agreement on the make-up of the next Government. According to the proposal that is on the table, VMRO would get 11 departments, while VLEN would have four.

VMRO officials would be named to the Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, the departments of Finance, Transportation, Education, Culture, Agriculture, Defense, Local Administration, Political System and the newly founded Energy and Mining Ministry.
VLEN would have a Deputy Prime Minister who will lead the Environment Ministry, the healthcare department, the economy department, the reformed Ministry for Welfare, Demography and Youth as well as a minister in charge of good governance – a position set up to coordinate anti-corruption activities. Afrim Gashi, leader of the Alternative party, which is part of VLEN, announced that he’s resigning as party leader – in anticipation that as part of the coalition deal, he will be made Speaker of Parliament.

Meanwhile, the ZNAM party also joined in the talks. it is expected that they will hold the Ministry for Public Administration and the Justice Ministry. With the ZNAM and VLEN votes, and with the expected support from several smaller parties that are peeling off from the DUI and SDSM lead coalitions, VMRO would command two-thirds majority that is needed to conduct serious structural changes to the Government and the political system of the country.