VMRO-DPMNE called on the smaller coalition partners supporting the Zaev regime to withdraw their support for Healthcare Minister Venko Fiipce and his deputy Ilir Hasani. VMRO insists that Filipce needs to be held accountable for the catastrophic fire in the Tetovo Covid hospital, and that his removal is essential to ensure a transparent investigation into the building and management of the 19 “plastic” modular hospitals.

Filipce and Hasani offered their resignations, but Prime Minister Zoran Zaev insists that he will only accept or refuse them after the investigation is over.

Filipce and Hasani must understand that there must be accountability. They can’t remain in their position from reasons of moral accountability, and the investigation will show if there is need for further criminal accountability, the opposition party said.

It called on BESA, DOM, LDP, DS and DPA to withdraw their support for Filipce and Hasani, if the matter comes to a vote of no confidence in the Parliament. VMRO said it will initiate a vote if Filipce and Hasani don’t resign by Tuesday.