Kovacevski and Pendarovski should not hide which foreign agencies are behind the tensions with Bulgaria and the anti-Macedonian propaganda, if they do not disclose them, it means that they support them, said opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

Pendarovski also came out after the Security Council, said that foreign networks are behind the hate speech against Macedonia and the negations of the state, and which creates tensions between the countries. If he does not come out and give details, his seriousness is questioned, but also the whole system is devalued.

If the government does not say clearly who is behind the tensions, then it is an active actor in them. If Kovacevski and Pendarovski do not react to the negations of the nation and history, then it means that they motivate such actions.

At the same time, the government, through the financial institutions, should investigate the origin of the money with which the Bulgarian associations in Macedonia are financed, from where hate speech and negation of Macedonia is often heard.

The more Kovacevski and Pendarovski remain silent and do not react adequately, the more it is confirmed that they are the motivators of the anti-Macedonian campaign.

Never before have there been such negations of Macedonia by Bulgaria as now, and Macedonia is now led by the party that claimed to have closed all open issues.

With all the statements and positions until now, the government has shown that there is no bottom that it cannot break through. The future with this government is uncertain and humiliating. Changes and a new VMRO-DPMNE government are needed, said the party.