The authorities and officials who run the prisons are responsible for the scandalous prison escapes that happen in a row. Kovacevski ignores the fact that within a month the public learned about three scandalous escapes, two of which took place in the Sutka prison, which is run by SDS staff, Filip Andov nicknamed Sokol. After such a case, Filip Andov should have been fired, when he himself has the virtue to resign. After such a series of escapes from prison, the Minister of Justice, Tupancevski, should bear responsibility, VMRO-DPMNE points out.

Corruption and partisanship in the prison services are the reason for the collapse of the prison system in Macedonia. Macedonia is at the top in Europe in prison escapes. The solved prison system allows serious criminals to be in open wards, to get out and even repeat their crimes while escaping from prisons. Let us recall that in one of the scandalous escapes that occurred due to non-compliance with protocols, one prison guard was wounded, and in another case, an escaped murderer repeated the crime, i.e. killed another person. Let’s also remind that one of those who escaped from the prison had the privilege of being in a semi-free department, which may be the result of his closeness with half of the state leadership of the SDS, as evidenced by a whole photo album, the party says.

VMRO-DPMNE asks: “What else needs to happen for Filip Andov Sokol to be dismissed?” What else needs to happen for someone to take responsibility for these incidents?”

The government of SDS and DUI is criminalized and that is why criminals enjoy this freedom. This has to stop. This government must go, the party says.