VMRO-DPMNE begins a campaign during which its members of Parliament will visit 500 villages across Macedonia. “The goal is to reach out to every single citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, even in the most remote areas, who also deserve to be heard and not forgotten”, said party official Nikola Micevski.

The situation in the country is dire. 60,000 have lost their jobs and 6,200 companies have been shut down. Half a million people survive on 2 EUR a day. The state owes 6.5 billion EUR – that’s 3,263 EUR for each of us. We had to wait five months for vaccines while 5,000 of our fellow citizens lost their lives. Our identity and language are under attack. In short, the people are at the end of their rope. Zaev offered nothing of value and only uses the budget to enrich companies close to his party of family. We will be out across the whole of Macedonia and seek the support of all our citizens to turn a new page, Micevski said.