Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said tonight that he would refrain from commenting on the accusations made by the former Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

I do not want to enter into a reply with the former colleague because the public has said enough, both political and civil… Rarely on any issue in the public there was a consensus. It would have been a surprise if the timing was not what it was. The timing was missed in giving such qualifications once you see that you are not on the list. I will refrain from commenting and I can only wish him success in his further work and engagements, Osmani said on the “Samo intervju” show on TV Kanal 5.

He pointed out that they worked together and that they had achieved together. As one of the most important achievements, he singled out that, as he said, perhaps for the first time on a rare issue after independence, the politicians representing the communities, especially the Macedonian and Albanian, spoke for the first time in one tone, whether in Skopje, Sofia, in Brussels, in Washington…

Minister Osmani stated that they did not have essential differences with Dimitrov in the process, but in the work discipline.