VMRO-DPMNE does not remain silent, VMRO-DPMNE invites you to call 192 and ask Spasovski what he works, except when it does not protect drug traffickers and dealers, the party said.

What does Spasovski do except that he is the partner of criminals? Does the MoI have time to deal with the safety of the citizens, when it is affected by concealing cases such as the rampage of the son of Deputy Minister Bushi or when their commanders like the one in Prilep are caught in drug traficking?

With Spasovski, the Ministry of Interior became a partner in crime, and all professionals in the service have been humiliated.

It is a shame for the government that it cannot reveal for months who is behind the false bomb threats and prevent such an act, which brings unrest and uncertainty to the citizens.

Why does the MoI not respond appropriately and does not prevent bomb threats, and is he consciously leaving room for panic? Does Spasovski consciously remain silent and thus affect the creation of even greater chaos, in which criminals can act?, asks VMRO-DPMNE.