Did the government with the signature of Artan Grubi open the door to the criminal money of the Bulgarian underground and put Macedonia in partnership with the Bulgarian mafia?, asks VMRO-DPMNE.

This question arises, the government quietly, with the signature of Artan Grubi, allowed the opening of new video lotteries, i.e. online gambling, this summer. It is about three new online casinos, in partnership with the state lottery – that is, with the state!

In September, the State Lottery published an advertisement in which the photo robot of the future partner of DUI and SDS was almost made, and which under no circumstances can be a domestic company.

Who is Vasil Boshkov – Cherepot  (which translates as The Skull in English)? Vasil Bozhkov is a Bulgarian oligarch and the main ideologue and driving figure of the Civic Platform “Bulgarian Summer”. He is the richest Bulgarian with a fortune estimated between 1 and 3 billion leva, known by the nickname Skull.

Bozhkov is 63 years old and his two private lotteries, one in Gruija and betting houses, have an annual profit of over 200 million leva. He drives a unique “Mercedes Maybach” model worth 700,000 euros.