The Albanian language became official language on the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and after the entry into force of the constitutional changes, all signboards will be replaced with the name North Macedonia, which will be displayed in Albanian as well, said the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview for N1’s Pressing.

“Today, when I am giving this interview, at a government session, I gave directions as soon as the Constitution came into force to start the change of all signboards of our embassies all over the world, all signboards on our highways, at border crossings, in all institutions in our country, and the new name to be displayed in Albanian in those institutions where Albanians make up 20 percent,” Zaev said.

Zaev added that apart from the Macedonian language, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia will also be written in Albanian, ie, as he said, all signboards on the highways and at border crossings will be displayed in Albanian as well, according to the Law on bilingualism, where besides the Macedonian language, the Albanian language became the official language on the whole territory of the country.

“The government will read the Republic of North Macedonia, in Macedonian language and in Albanian language. At border crossings, there are signboards in Macedonian, English and French, but they will include Albanian in municipalities where Albanians make up more than 20 percent, in line with the law on the use of languages,” said Zaev.