Prime Minister Zoran Zaev gave a typical rambling statement today when why he ordered border guards to allow several vehicles to enter into Macedonia from Bulgaria. The case was reported by the officers from the Deve Bair border crossing on Sunday, and the report was leaked to the press – including the paragraph stating that Zoran Zaev himself called the officers and instructed them to allow the vehicles through. The cars – mainly with Macedonian citizens – were stuck after the coronavirus curfew had set in.

I was called by our citizen, a Turk, who I do not know. He told me they are stranded on the border crossing with children in the car. I am available to all citizens. I called in and I informed the female border police officer that it is the Prime Minister. She had a lovely voice and didn’t believe at first. I acted honestly, there is nothing wrong here, Zaev said during a press conference.

The officers later tried to alter the report and to erase the report that Zaev called them and gave the instructions. The identity of the people who were allowed into the country on his orders has still not been published.