The closing arguments in the April 27th trial reminded the public of the testimony made by Zoran Zaev before the court regarding this case.

In November 2020, Zaev testified, and said that the main defendant, Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, acted well while leading the session of the Parliament.

In my experience, I can’t make objections to the way the session was conducted during the day. It was a normal day in the Parliament regarding the discussions, as they (the VMRO-DPMNE representatives) were mainly repeating their points. The ultimate goal was to end the discussion and to move toward a vote, Zaev said.

Zaev and his SDSM party staged an irregular vote in the Parliament, to elect a new Speaker, aware that at the time thousands of people are protesting in front of the building. Their move sparked an incident in the Parliament, in which one member of Parliament was badly beaten.