Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Monday that there are no announcements of a new amnesty, neither from the Ministry of Justice nor from the President, who, as he said, no longer has a legal possibility to do so.

As Zaev said, the Law on amnesty of people accused of the events of 27 April was passed in moments when a two-thirds majority was needed for constitutional changes. No more need of that, there are no such cases. No one planned anything. The law on amnesty happened during the reconciliation, it is a very serious process, when the state needed a two-thirds majority, I publicly say that and I am not running away from it. I believe that Parliament does not need to do more for such things because this case was clearly differentiated, where all who took part in the organization of violence were separated from those who were misled in such a case. I do not believe that any of the institutions, or the Ministry of Justice, or the President will open such an amnesty case, Zaev said.