Long live European Republic of North Macedonia, long live Europe, long live NATO, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said at the end of his speech at Tuesday’s NATO flag-raising ceremony in front of the Government building.

“We don’t believe in those stories that the European Union is falling apart. We see it as stronger than ever. We belong there, historically and politically. There is a lot of work ahead of us and Brussels won’t let us cut any corners. We don’t expect any leniency from the EU. But we have much to offer to Europe, multicultiralism, cooperation, science”, Zaev said.

Through NATO, EU membership will be realized, Zaev said, and the greatest value to be extracted will be equal opportunities for all and justice. He also urged the opposition to work together on the road to membership.

“Everyone is equal regardless of their bank account. Now that we achieving our national strategic interests, there is no other better solution. Let’s not lie. It must not be hindered by our mutual rivalries. Our neighbors, our friends from the region follow that path. It is the path of freedom. Our ideas should lead to the same goal, and not be obstructed by battles for power. With the opening of the Brussels chapters, there will be work for all, both for the MPs and the President of Macedonia,” the prime minister said.