Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called on the Parliament to adopt again the law for legalization of unlawful construction, warning that otherwise he will be forced to order the demolition of 50,000 homes across the country. The law was adopted by broad cross-partisan support, but was vetoed by President Pendarovski, who said that it violates the principles of the rule of law.

We can say it now that there will be no legalization. You, the press are in collusion with the public and we can order that. But that will mean to demolish 50,000 homes. Do we demolish the homes or do we give an opportunity to the owners to legalize them, paying 50 percent higher taxes – except for those who are below the poverty level, Zaev said.

The move seems designed to be a boon for the parties ahead of the minicipal elections in October. But it comes only ten years after the first legalization, which was supposed to be a one-off move. Zaev today insisted that this time it will really be a one-and-done, and that there will be no further legalizations of homes built without a permit in the future.