Dragi Raskovski, Zoran Zaev’s former chief of staff who is accused of gross corruption, denied reports that he is suicidal.

The allegation comes from a text message that was read before the court and admitted as evidence. In it, he chides his underlings – “mess this up and I’ll kill myself”. When the message was read out, Raskovski said that he wouldn’t kill himself in any situation.
He is not under particular pressure by the court to testify against his former boss – even after numerous corruption allegations about him that involved Zaev, the charges were tailored narrowly and do not put the former Prime Minister at risk. Raskovski is charged with ordering the purchase of a software that he himself produced through a company he owned, and that he also took a cut from the salaries of people he hired in the Government – which are easily the lightest of the many credible allegations that were made about him.