PM Kovacevski should choose between Macedonia and his subjugation to Ali Ahmeti and DUI, reads the Sunday VMRO-DPMNE statement.

“SDS should stop its infantile behavior, since a leadership meeting is not a PR stunt, but an event to deal with serious issues and deliver realistic conclusions. Thus, Kovacevski should dare and come to the leadership meeting where we will debate what will happen after the failure of the constitutional amendments. There must be justice for the improper policies and leading the country in contrast to the will of 80% of the Macedonian voters”, VMRO-DPMNE states.

Kovacevski must decide if he will continue to blindly follow DUI demands, or he will show some integrity and come to the leadership meeting alone. It is high time for him to choose: Ahmeti and DUi, or Macedonia”, reads the party’s statement.