The parties in Germany’s parliament received some €2.1 million in large donations in 2018. But one was favored more than any other, particularly by industry, DW reported.

Germany’s co-governing Christian Democrats (CDU) profited the most of any political parties from large donations in 2018, figures issued by the parliamentary administration show.

The CDU received some €850,000 ($972,267) in 2018 from a range of donors that included major shareholders in carmaker BMW. That compares with nearly €2.9 million in 2017, with the larger amount possible reflecting the fact that it was an election year.

The highest single donation, amounting to €260,000, came in July 2018 from the former CEO of the pharmaceutical company Merck, Hans-Joachim Langmann, who was also the largest donor to the CDU in 2017.

The amount received by the CDU is about three times higher than that pocketed by its coalition partner, the Social Democrats (SPD), which was given €280,000. That sum was, however, exceeded by the one large donation given to the German Communist Party (DKP), which in May was presented with around €352,000.

Automaker Daimler and chemical company Evonik were even-handed in their donations, giving both the CDU and the SPD €180,000.