Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki caused a scandal in the European Parliament after he gave a Nazi salute during a debate on a European Court of Justice ruling criticizing the rule of law in Hungary and Poland.

The “Renaissance” parliamentary group of the Italian MEP Sandro Gozi condemned Dzhambazki’s behavior and asked the President of the European Parliament Metsola to take measures.

Defending the rule of law in the European Parliament, Sandro Gozi was insulted by MEP Dzhambazki, who left the chamber with a scandalous Nazi salute. You have our full support Sandro. We call on Ms. Metsola, President of the EP, to take action, the “Renaissance” parliamentary group wrote on Twitter.

Dzhambazki had previously attacked his colleagues in the European Parliament and defended the ruling parties in Poland and Hungary, before “saluting” EP Vice President Pina Picierno, who was chairing the plenary session at the time.

We will never agree with your agenda, the agenda of all those who want to destroy Europe by transforming it into something else. Long live Fidesz, Kaczyński, Bulgaria, said Dzhambazki.

Later on Twitter, Dzhambazki, called the ruling of the European Court of Justice an abomination.

Picierno tweeted shortly afterwards that she immediately condemned Dzhambazki’s act and demanded that he be sanctioned.

The European Parliament is a living monument to democracy against the barbarism of Nazi fascism, she wrote.

Manfred Weber, the chairman of the EPP, the largest group in the European Parliament, also called for Dzhambazki ‘s sanctioning.

On behalf of the EPPGroup we condemn this in the harshest possible terms. It is the opposite of what the European Parliament stands for and we call for immediate sanctioning, tweeted Weber.