The easiest way to break the inflation of war is peace. The Hungarian government is almost the only government in Europe that talks not about sanctions and war, but about the need for peace and that we should finance peace, not war, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

The European Union needs to change its strategy because if this goes on we are going to destroy ourselves with war inflation. And it is in no one’s interest that the whole of Europe goes bankrupt. If they want to introduce the gas embargo now, even after the embargo, we will destroy the entire European economy. I think we need to think differently about the whole Russian-Ukrainian conflict. We need to finance peace not war. War instigators must be repressed!

It is now quite obvious that there are business circles that had an interest in war. George Soros symbolizes them: he talks openly about the fact that the war must be prolonged, stretched. These are war instigators who want to make money in the war, while we are destroyed in this and the whole of Europe is destroyed.