The Alliance for Common Good (ACG) welcomes the April 3rd child protection referendum in Hungary. The members of the Alliance are firmly convinced that human beings were created as men and women, and it follows that it is the state’s responsibility to protect all children’s right to a self-identity based on his or her sex at birth.

Modernism’s trend to elevate desires and ostensibly progressive ideologies to the status of fundamental rights is extremely dangerous for our nations and Western Civilization as a whole, as they overshadow such basic, natural fundamental rights like the parents’ right to freely shape the religious and ideological worldviews of their children. As a bitter consequence of this, gender and LGBTQ ideologies spread like wildfire in the European educational institutions, even among children of a very young age. To add insult to injury, this is done without the consent of their parents, at a significant risk to the children’s physical and mental health.

Uniquely in Europe, Hungarian voters will get the chance to have a democratic say in the matter of shaping the worldviews of their children. The recently established Alliance urges Hungarian voters to take active part in the child protection referendum on April 3rd, and we respectfully ask them to reject the gender and LGBTQ ideologies, as they represent a clear and present danger to children. Such a decision on their part would send a clear message to the mainstream European elites. The plebiscite for child protection offers a hope for all of Europe.

The Alliance for the Common Good is a network of think tanks established by the Center for Fundamental Rights (Hungary), Ordo Iuris (Poland), Nazione Futura (Italy), the Alliance for the Family (Czech Republic) and the Human Rights and Family Policy Institute (Slovakia). The ACG is an international collaboration aimed at protecting traditional Christian values and common sense.