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Macedonia 15.09.20 | 20:42

Pandov: We are that Goce race, the mafia in power wants to sell the most sacred thing

I am proud to be Macedonian and that Goce is Macedonian, we are that Goce race, the mafia in power does not value anything and they are determined to sell the most sacred thing, and that is Goce Delcev, said the president of the Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Pandov at Tuesday’s...

Macedonia 14.09.20 | 21:46

Pandov: There is no space of 100 days for a new government, because there is no new government

We as a people, and we as a party, as VMRO-DPMNE should do everything to prevent the Bulgarian propaganda. There is no space of 100 days for a new government, because there is no new government. Now we cannot say that there is a new government, this is an old/new government, these are the same people,...

Macedonia 12.09.20 | 12:03

Don’t negotiate on Goce Delcev, because in Macedonia besides mafia there is people, Pandov tells Zaev

The President of VMRO-DPMNE’s newly established Patriotic Institute, Aleksandar Pandov, told Prime Minister Zoran Zaev not to bargain with and negotiate on Goce Delcev. Zaev should not make negotiations on Goce Delcev, because in Macedonia, besides the mafia, there is also people! said Pandov.

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 12:48

VMRO-DPMNE establishes a Patriotic Institute led by Aleksandar Pandov

At last night’s session of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, the decision for Wednesday’s protest has been confirmed, and the presidents of the Municipal Committees of VMRO-DPMNE were appointed, the party informed in a press release. The Committed also made a decision on the establishment...

Macedonia 09.01.20 | 23:31

Pandov: Anyone who participated in these politically-driven processes will be thoroughly and fundamentally shaken

While in Macedonia the people are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the “Racket” trial, in which Boki will explain in detail to the Macedonian public what the role of Vice, Frcko, Baske, Filipce, Radmila and Saso O. in organizing the racketeering and extorting more than 7 million euros...

Macedonia 02.01.20 | 21:16

Pandov: Two pillars of the junta fell, Katica fell first, and Zaev finally falls tomorrow

The two main pillars on which the junta rested fell. Katica fell first, and tomorrow after two and a half years of terror, Zaev also falls. It is still up to the people to take their destiny into their own hands on April 12 and officially annihilate the bandits and racketeers!, Aleksandar Pandov wrote...

Macedonia 03.09.19 | 11:06

Pandov: Will Ruskoska, Kabranov’s cousin, summon the “bards” of 1TV for questioning?

Will Ruskoska, cousin of editor-in-chief Kabranov, summon the “bards” of 1TV for questioning, political analyst Aleksandar Pandov asked on Tuesday. Pandov says that when he thinks of 1TV, after Boki Tredici, the first person that comes across his mind is Saso Ordanoski, the brother of Vanco...

Macedonia 28.08.19 | 11:47

Pandov: If Vilma can’t withstand pressure from politicians mentioned in “Racket”, she should step down

On the same day when Ruskoska claims to the media that besides Zaev in the witness statement, more precisely the witnesses who were victims of Racket, there were no other politicians, again we read that besides Zaev, Sekerinska, Remenski, Dimitrov were also involved in this racketeering, Aleksandar Pandov...

Macedonia 17.08.19 | 14:11

Pandov: Is it true that Boki gave detailed report to Rada on how things are going with racketeering Orce?

After the events of April 27, the investigation was immediately focused on providing security camera footage in the Parliament, and later Ruskoska used it extensively in the trial of the patriots, Aleksandar Pandov wrote on Facebook profile. As a prosecutor in the “Racket” case, she herself...