The President of the Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Pandov, said on the “Sto ne e jasno” show that on June 18 Kovacevski will be clearly and loudly told where his place is.

Unfortunately, SDSM and DUI are still in power. And that is exactly what costs Macedonia a lot of money. Macedonia sees a lot of misery during their rule. But I am sincerely optimistic and I think that the days of this Government are numbered and that in the fall we will have early parliamentary elections, said Pandov, adding that the list of harmful policies of this government towards Macedonia is too long, and that he believes that Macedonian citizens are waiting for early elections to remove SDSM from power.

Pandov added that the Macedonian people should come out and protest because the government has done a lot of damage to Macedonia with harmful policies.

The national humiliations that happened to the Macedonian citizens, encroachment on the Macedonian identity, erasure of the right of the Macedonian citizens to be Macedonians outside Macedonia, injustices in the judiciary, corrupt judiciary, bad economy, high inflation, are just some of the reasons why citizens should to go out and protest on June 18, said Pandov.