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Handball 30.10.20 | 15:35

Handball in Macedonia put on hold due to Covid-19

The Handball Federation of Macedonia has announced that according to the protocols for organizing sports competitions in during the Covid 19 pandemic, published in the Official Gazette No. 257 of October 29, 2020, all matches of the national system in men’s and women’s competition are put...

Macedonia Sport 29.09.20 | 19:23

Handball: Szeged – Vardar match postponed because of the epidemic

Hungarian Pick Szeged handball team postponed its European Champions league match with Vardar due to an outbreak of coronavirus. The match was supposed to take place on October 1 in Hungary. Several new players for Szeged tested positive to the virus, requiring quarantine of at least one week. The EHF...

Sport 29.08.20 | 22:35

Vardar lost to Nexe but qualified for the SEHA league semi-finals

Vardar qualified in the semi-finals of the regional handball SEHA league. The Macedonian and European champion lost to the Croatian Nexe in Skopje 25:26, but due to its 31:30 win in the away game Vardar goes ahead. The teams were evenly matched and each reached a lead of up to three goals. Nexe was better...

Sport 25.08.20 | 15:30

Vardar pivot Stoilov contracted the coronavirus, will miss the game against Nexe

Vardar pivot Stojance Stoilov, who recently became father to a baby boy, has contracted the coronavirus and will not be available for the coming game against Nexe. The team said that Stoilov is feeling good and remains in isolation at home. “His absence will be difficult for us, he is important...

Sport 05.08.20 | 18:42

Kire Lazarov contracted the coronavirus, remains asymptomatic in isolation in Germany

Macedonian handball great Kire Lazarov tested positive to the coronavirus. The best Macedonian handball player of all times is in isolation in Germany, where he plays for Ratingen. Lazarov believes that he was infected on a flight from Macedonia to Germany. He has no symptoms of the illness.

Sport 31.07.20 | 13:54

Design of the huge new handball stadium in Budapest revealed to the public

“Now it’s only pictures, next year it will be reality”, describes the visualisations of the new handball stadium Mate Kocsis, president of the Hungarian Handball Federation. The modern establishment will have a capacity of 20,000 people. The photos were published on Kocsis’ Facebook page on 28...

Sport 18.05.20 | 12:31

Despite financial issues, Dibirov, Dissinger, Cupic and Stoilov will remain in Vardar

Even with the serious financial issues the club faces, some of the top stars of H.C. Vardar announced they will remain on for the next season. These include Timur Dibirov, Christian Dissinger. Ivan Cupic and, of course, the local favorite Stojance Stoilov. Team owner Sergey Samsonenko was pushed out...

Sport 02.03.20 | 13:56

Vardar will face Pick Szeged in the next round of the EHF Champions League

Vardar will play against the Hungarian Pick Szeged in the first round of the EHF Champions League. The first game will be played in Skopje between March 18 and 22 and the return leg will be played in Szeged between March 25 and 29. Other pairings include Dinamo Bucharest vs PSG, Celja – Kielce,...

Sport 01.03.20 | 11:02

Borko Ristovski returns to help Vardar in its hour of need

While troubled Vardar keeps losing its better paid players, handball legend Borko Ristovski announced he is coming home. “The Defense Minister” currently plays for Benfica, and has played for Vardar twice in his professional career. Vardar is also signing the young left winger Marko Misevski.

Sport 15.02.20 | 22:12

Vardar beats Motor Zaporozhye 38:28

Vardar beat Motor Zaporozhye 38:28 today, which secures a place for the Macedonian and European champion at the next stage of the EHF Champions League. The win is all the greater given the growing difficulties Vardar faces as its main sponsor, businessman Sergey Samsonenko, is pulling out of the club...

Sport 15.01.20 | 17:09

Lazarov named among the top five scorers of the European Championship

Macedonian handball captain Kire Lazarov was named among the top five scorers in the first round of the European Championship. Lazarov scored 22 goals in the first three games, and is fourth on the list. Macedonia unfortunately dropped out of the competition, after defeats from Austria and the Czech...

Sport 04.01.20 | 19:47

Borko Ristovski: Never North, Always Macedonia

Macedonian handball goalkeeper Borko Ristovski, popularly known as the Defense Minister for his often incredible saves, posted a picture with the letter N – for “North” Macedonia, blacked out. Ristovski is with the national team for preparations in Slovenia, ahead of the European Championship...

Sport 10.12.19 | 10:28

Vardar beats Tatran Presov and wins first place in its SEHA league group

Vardar beat Tatran Presov in the SEHA handball league 28:26 in Skopje yesterday, and clinched the first place in the A group. The defending European champion played without several of its top players, and was down five goals at half-time. But Vardar rallied early in the second half, scoring a streak...

Sport 09.11.19 | 20:00

Vardar misses last minute chance against Kielce, European Champions League game ends 28:28

Vardar and the Polish Kielce handball team drew their European Champions League match in Skopje 28 – 28. Vardar was handicapped with the absence of Kristopans, and the Polish team used this to play an even game against the defending European champion. At halftime the game was tied 17:16. Vardar...

Sport 28.10.19 | 10:23

Handball and basketball clubs announce protests after the Government failed to keep its tax vouchers promise

Handball and basketball clubs are preparing to protest in front of the Government building on November 3rd, after a broken promise to introduce tax vouchers that would support sports. The handball and basketball second leagues are also announcing they will boycott the remainder of the season if the SDSM...

Sport 25.10.19 | 22:34

Macedonia beats Georgia 25:21 in a handball friendly

The Macedonian handball team beat Georgia in a friendly game played at the Boris Trajkovski sports hall in Skopje. The two teams were even at the half time – 12:12. Deprived of its captain Kiril Lazarov, and many other key players, Macedonia had significant ups and owns during the game, but was...

Sport 25.09.19 | 10:22

Vardar beats Nexe in the SEHA handball league

Vardar handball club rebounded from its defeat against Motor Zaporozhye in the second round of the SEHA league to beat Nexe 27-25. Vardar won over the Croatian team using only half of its resources. This allowed Nexe to try for the win and have a very even first half (14-14). But, at the start of the...

Sport 14.09.19 | 20:32

Handball: Vardar beats Montpellier 33 – 31

Vardar defeated Montpellier 33-31 in the first match of the handball EHF Champions League. The French team had the lead as the final of the game approached, but the defending champion was able to turn the match around. Skube and Dibirov were the best players for Vardar, scoring six goals each. The next...

Sport 04.09.19 | 10:57

Vardar easily beats Beijing Sports University in the SEHA – Gazprom handball league

Vardar handball club, Macedonia’s best sports club, easily beat the Beijing Sports University team, which joined the SEHA – Gazprom league. The defending European champion beat the Chinese team 37 – 23 in a match thoroughly dominated by Vardar. This allowed coach David Pisonero to try...

Sport 20.06.19 | 21:25

Vardar signs reinforcements to help defend the EHF Champions League trophy

Vardar signed two Russian reinforcements for the next two handball seasons – Sergey Gorpishin and Pavel Atman will play for the Macedonian and European defending champion. Gorpishin (21) is a pivot and comes from the German Erlangen, while the 32 year old left winger Atman played in Hanover. Latvian...