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Economy 19.02.22 | 14:39

Inflation is eating away incomes and savings

The citizens are hit hard by the inflation, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said as the inflation rate in January reached 6.7 percent. The Government says that these are just token increases in the prices, but ask the households about their latest bills. Those who paid 8,000 denars a month for...

Economy 09.02.22 | 10:00

Inflation watch: Kovacevski expects energy prices to go down by the middle of the year

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that he expects energy prices to go down by the middle of the year. Macedonia is facing a major spike in inflation, caused partially by mismanagement and corruption in the energy sector. There are countries where the electricity price went up by 50 to 60 percent....

Economy 03.02.22 | 16:59

Central Bank warns about rising inflation

The Macedonian Central Bank (NBRM) warned about growing inflation risks. According to the Bank, inflation sped up in the fourth quarter of 2021 but it still hasn’t led to a decrease in consumption. The increased velocity of inflation in the fourth quarter of 2021 was the result of movements in...

Economy 15.12.21 | 11:42

Inflation watch: Food producers want help as the Government freezes the price of more staple products

The farming chamber of commerce condemned the Government’s order to freeze prices of a number of new staple products such as rice, eggs and pasta. The Government already froze the prices of bread, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, milk, cheese and meat. In order for this measure to have a positive effect,...

Economy 06.12.21 | 22:19

Inflation watch: Government now wants to freeze the price of pasta, eggs and rice

Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi announced that the Government is planning to freeze the prices of new food staples, such as rice, pasta and eggs. The first round of these decisions included meat, milk and flour. Macedonia has been facing spiking food and other prices for months, and it has become...

Economy 21.11.21 | 16:07

Mickoski: Electricity price is increased for companies, inflation is felt by everyone

The price of electricity is at least two and a half times, three times higher than it was a month ago due to the negligent work of the predecessors. This is a serious problem that will be felt by the public enterprises and the municipalities, but also the companies have been feeling it for a long time,...

Economy 19.11.21 | 10:37

Inflation watch: Driving schools want to hike prices

The rising cost of fuel prompted many businesses to increase their prices, but many who are directly dependent on this price, are in regulated markets. This includes bus and taxi companies, who can’t increase the prices and are force to bear their losses. A new call comes from the association of...

Macedonia 20.10.21 | 12:39

Farmers’ markets hit by growing inflation

The wave of inflation is extending into the farmers’ markets in Macedonia. Staples such as potatoes and cabbage fetch price of up to 40 denars per kilogram, and peppers range between 50 and 70 denars, Vecer reported. This comes on the back of a series of gas hikes, which are hitting farmers.

Economy 09.10.21 | 11:02

VMRO-DPMNE: Inflation announced to grow, prices jump, and Zaev lies that everything is fine

Inflation announced to grow, prices jump, and Zaev lies that everything is fine. The prices of basic products in the last year have increased by up to 20% in retail sales, this should not be said by any research, it is felt and seen by the citizens every day. The Governor of the NBRM, contrary to Zaev,...

Macedonia Economy 21.06.21 | 13:23

Inflation watch: New gas price hike announced in Macedonia

The Energy Regulatory Commission announced that it is hiking gas prices by 1 denar per liter for the main Eurosuper BS-95 and Eurosuper BS-98 fuels. They will now be sold for 69.5 and 71.5 denars. Diesel will cost 0.5 denars more – to 62 denars per liter, and this is before the expected new diesel...

Macedonia Economy 13.05.21 | 23:02

“Macedonia has entered a period of inflation”

Macedonia has entered into inflation, warns VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, pointing to official reports from the Central Bank. The reports place the inflation rate at 2.2 percent, above the projected 1.5 percent. The real inflation rate has surpassed 3 percent. Food and electric energy...

Economy 01.04.21 | 09:25

Governor Bezovska says Macedonia to face rise in inflation

In Macedonia there is but still a certain degree of inflation is expected, says the Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia, Anita Angelovska Bezovska. But according to her expectations, it will not be expressed in a large percentage. She emphasized this in the “Economic Magazine” show...

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