The increase in retail prices has reached 9.6 percent over the past month, said VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Mile Lefkov. The official inflation rate for the month is 8.8 percent, but the prices that most affect citizens have grown by even more than that.

Milk is up by 7.4 percent, bread and grains spiked by 16.5 percent, meat prices are up by 6.7 percent and cooking oil – by 21.6 percent, Lefkov said. He pointed to the dramatic rise in energy prices, with gas up by 37.8 percent and liquid fuels by 72.6 percent.
Lefkov warned that the Government apparently does not have a plan how to tackle this crisis. He said that the inflation crisis will be made even worse by the low growth rate, which in Macedonia is estimated at 2.7 percent – the worst in the region.