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Parliament approves loan for Macedonia’s gasification project

Macedonia’s Parliament approved Thursday a loan authorizing the government to borrow EUR 90 million from the Deutsche Bank and Erste Bank to finance the Phase 1 of the country’s gasification project. The loan will cover a construction...

Parliament adopts Special Prosecutor’s Office budget

Macedonian’s lawmakers unanimously adopted Monday the reallocation of funds for the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office for investigation of crimes related to and arising from the content of illegally intercepted communications. In...

Parliament Committees for oversight of the intelligence services to discuss the Priebe report

The two Macedonian Parliament Committees tasked with overseeing the work of the intelligence services, and with overseeing the use of wiretapping and other special investigative procedures, will hold hearings on Tuesday. The aim of the hearings...

Parliament adopts legislative changes that enable fresh raise of pensions, social assistance

­ Macedonia’s Parliament backed Thursday amendments to the laws on Pension and Disability Insurance and Social Protection, which will enable a fresh five-­percent linear increase of pensions and social assistance in 2016, recently announced...

Macedonia Parliament to host 2016 Autumn Meetings of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

The Parliament of Macedonia in October 2016 will host the autumn meetings of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. This is a major recognition of Macedonia’s international position and the activities of the Macedonian Parliament, MP Vladimir Gjorcev...

Parliament begins session to appoint the special prosecutor, EU welcomes the agreement

The Macedonian Parliament began a session on Tuesday to debating the draft­-law submitted this morning, that will establish a new Public Prosecutor’s office that will deal with the allegations raised by the illegal wiretapping affair....

EU welcomes SDSM’s return in Parliament

The European Union welcomed the return of the 31 members of Parliament elected on the list of the Social Democrat Union (SDSM), after a boycott of over a year. According to the agreement to normalize the political situation, brokered by EU...

Opposition expected to return to Parliament on Tuesday

According to the political agreement brokered by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the members of the Macedonian Parliament, elected on the list led by the opposition SDSM party, are expected to begin normal work on Tuesday. SDSM announced...

PM Gruevski suggests majority voting system and 17 additional seats for the winning party

­ In the debate on the early elections planned for April 2016, the VMRO­-DPMNE party came with a new proposal on Sunday, suggesting to replace the proportional representation system with a first­-past­-the-­post majority system, but also...

Q&A session in Macedonian Parliament

Macedonian Parliament is set to hold Friday 60th session, whereas Members of Parliament will have the opportunity to address questions to Government authorities. Q&A sessions are held every last Thursday of the month.