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Decision on Parliament dissolution enters into force at midnight

The Parliament is set to dissolve at midnight as a result of the 18 January decision, for the purpose of holding early parliamentary elections on 24 April, in compliance with the Przino Agreement. MP groups have still not submitted a formal...

Parliament to hold 92. session

The Parliament is set to hold its 92. session on Monday. MPs will debate on 73 agenda items, including draft-laws in numerous fields, such as environment, agriculture, labor and social policy, health, finance, culture, traffic etc.

Parliament approves creation of free healthcare zones

Macedonian Parliament voted on Monday 56 to 20 to approve the law that allows creation of free healthcare zones. The law will introduce a program of tax breaks and subsidies for companies that open large new healthcare providing facilities...

VMRO warns that SDSM is trying to stage an incident in the Parliament (video)

Ilija Dimovski, head of the VMRO-DPMNE group in Parliament, held a press conference on Thursday to warn against the unruly behavior by representatives from the opposition SDSM party during a session of the Education Committee in Parliament....

Parliament to resume 85. session

­ The Parliament is set to resume its 85. session on Monday.   The agenda includes a number of bills and law amendments.

Parliament continues debate on the forgery Inquiry Committee

­ Macedonian Parliament will continue its debate on the proposed Inquiry Committee to investigate the forgery scandal. The Committee was approved by three of the four largest parties in Parliament, with only the opposition SDSM party refusing...

Parliament forms Inquiry Committee to investigate the forgery scandal

Macedonian Parliament voted on Wednesday to create an Inquiry Committee that will examine the forgery case which allegedly implicates some of the top officials of the opposition SDSM party. A group of 62 representatives from the VMRO-DPMNE,...

Parliament gives vote of confidence to Health Minister Todorov

Macedonian Parliament members voted late on Monday evening to extend the vote of confidence to Health Minister Nikola Todorov. The opposition SDSM party initiative to remove Todorov was supported by 29 members of Parliament, while 56 voted...

Macedonian Parliament endorses new SEC composition

Macedonian lawmakers elected Wednesday a president, vice-president and members of the State Election Commission (SEC). Independent experts Aleksandar Chichakovski and Rexhep Prekopuca are elected for the SEC president and vice- president respectively...

Parliament will vote on the wiretapping Inquiry Committee

Macedonian Parliament will vote on Tuesday to appoint the Inquiry Committee, tasked with investigating the wiretapping affair. The Parliament prepared the list of 16 members who will be in the Committee on Monday evening. The opposition SDSM...