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Friday, 25 September 2020
Economy 25.09.20 | 22:49

Unannounced blockade of the Tetovo-Skopje highway due to electricity price hike

Without previous notice traffic on the Tetovo-Skopje highway was blocked for 30 minutes by twenty cars with some people from the “Enough is Enough” initiative who for eight weeks have been organizing public protests in the Tetovo region against the increase of electricity prices. There was...

Economy 25.09.20 | 22:20

Bytyqi: Ethnic grounds is not key to developing, modern and competitive economy

After the statement of the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi who told the government partner, Bilal Kasami, to read the government program page 39 paragraph 3, in an interview with “TV 24”, the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi said what constitutes paragraph 3 and said...

Economy 25.09.20 | 21:46

Foreign investor leaves Macedonia: Grisko factory closes

The “Grisko Makedonija” factory is closing, which was opened in 2012 in the village of Slepce, Demir Hisar and which deals with the production of ballet equipment, writes “Vecer”. The plant was an investment of the famous Russian company “Grisko” which produces slippers,...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 21:35

Markovski: There are only two infectious disease specialists in the Commission for Infectious Diseases, I am afraid what will happen in the coming period

Infectious disease specialist and member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, Velo Markovski, said Friday on the “Sto ne e jasno” show on TV Alfa, instead of infectious disease specialists predominating in the Commission for Infectious Diseases, there are only two of them, and according to him, there...

Economy 25.09.20 | 20:05

Police doesn’t let vine growers to protest

There is currently a tense situation at a purchase point in Kavadarci, because vine growers want to organize a peaceful protest, and the police is preventing them from doing so, the “Realno Kavadarci” group informed on Facebook. Тензично кај откупниот пункт...

Economy 25.09.20 | 18:52

Payment of September pensions starts on Monday

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy informed Friday that retirees can pick up their September  pension checks starting Monday. Pensions will be paid earlier than usual and in stages, in order to provide greater protection to retirees from COVID-19. Retirees without debit cards will be given their...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 18:24

Arber Isaku is the new Deputy Chairman of the Council of Public Prosecutors

Prosecutor Arber Isaku will be deputy chairman of the Council of Public Prosecutors for the next two years. The decision to elect a deputy chairman of the Council of Public Prosecutors was adopted on Thursday by a majority vote. Isaku succeeds deputy chairman Medzit Yusufi.

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 17:43

From unsatisfactorily corrupt Macedonia has become a satisfactorily corrupt state: political analyst

Ivor Mickovski, a political analyst, believes that Macedonia has gone from being unsatisfactorily corrupt to being satisfactorily corrupt. We have made progress in the fight against corruption. We have gone from unsatisfactorily corrupt to a satisfactorily corrupt state, Mickovski wrote on Facebook.

Economy 25.09.20 | 17:16

Fourth set of economic measures to be presented on Sunday

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Friday that the government is to unveil the fourth set of economic measures on Sunday. He emphasized that the measures refer to the period until the end of the year and that part will be taken through decisions of the Government, part should be passed in the Parliament,...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 16:40

9 patients die, 143 new COVID-19 cases

Out of 1,504 COVID-19 tests carried out in the past 24 hours, 143 new cases were registered. Also, there were nine fatalities and 110 recovered patients, said the Health Ministry. Nine people died, including a Vinica patient aged 70, two patients from Strumica (aged 67 each), one patient from Ohrid (aged...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:44

Zaev’s Government wants to demolish the Macedonia Gate

The Government sent out a request to the Centar municipality to remove the Macedonia Gate and the monument to Mother Teresa from the main Skopje square. The request asks the Centar council to remove both monuments from the urban plans, opening the way for their demolition. This was proposed by a group...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:37

Prosecutors acknowledged they are going after Mile Janakieski mainly because he was close to Gruevski

The decision by prosecutors to drop charges against Daniela Rangelova and two other defendants in the trial over the 2013 protests in Centar, opens the possibility for them to seek damages. Tens of thousands of euros in damages could be awarded for wrongful prosecution if the three defendants decide...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:20

Zaev believes that he will reach an agreement with Bulgaria and avoid their veto

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev insisted that he will find a solution to the growing dispute with Bulgaria, which demands concessions on national identity and historic issues before it will allow the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia. Zaev intends to meet Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:11

Environmentalists raise alarm as lake Prespa continues to dry out

Environmentalist group Ohrid SOS warns that the level of lake Prespa has dropped to its lowest in the past century. The lake, which was used as a backdrop for the imposed name change treaty with Greece in 2018, has been withdrawing for years now, likely as the result of water outflows from lake Ohrid...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 13:48

Zaev violates his pledge to allow the opposition nominate the chief prosecutor

Justice Minister Bojan Maricic, a close ally of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, rejected the request from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party that a new Public Prosecutor nominated by the opposition is appointed to replace Zaev loyalist Ljubomir Joveski. According to the Constitution, the Government nominated...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 13:39

Interior Ministry blames the police beating in Skopje on the family of the man who was attacked

The Interior Ministry is blaming yesterday’s incident in Skopje, where several police officers were filmed brutally beating up a citizen, on the family of the citizen. The video was shared online and it was the second police beating that was uploaded the same day, after a beating of two Roma citizens...

Economy 25.09.20 | 12:38

VMRO demands urgent assistance for farmers as grape prices reach record lows

Because of the exceptionally low prices of grapes from the current harvest, VMRO-DPMNE calls for urgent steps from the Government to help the farmers. VMRO Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski met with farmers in Sopot where he said the grapes fetch prices as low as 2 to 4 denars per kilogram, which is...

Economy 25.09.20 | 11:31

Kostovski: SDSM wants to privatize the Macedonian Post Office

Businessman Trifun Kostovski warned that the ruling SDSM party is planning to sell off the Macedonian Post Office. Kostovski’s Eurostandard Bank, which recently went under, had an exclusive contract to conduct payments through the 330 post office branches across the country, and he claims that...

Macedonia Sport 25.09.20 | 11:21

Low bar – Mourinho demanded that a goal is replaced minutes before the Tottenham – Shkendija game

Major embarassment for the organizers preceded the Shkendija – Tottenham Hotspur game in Skopje yesterday, when coach Jose Mourinho found out that one of the goals was good 10 centimeters lower than regulation. It’s unclear whether it was some kind of a mistake, or an attempt to pull a fast...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 11:08

Doctor Cibisev: Smaller hospitals are left unprepared and forced to flood Skopje with coronavirus patients

Doctor Andon Cibisev warned that hospitals in smaller cities across Macedonia are left under staffed and poorly equipped and can’t cope with the coronavirus crisis. The warning comes after the head of the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje – which is the main Covid-19 treatment...