Hundred and five new measles cases were been registered in the country, bringing the total number to 1,625, said doctor Zarko Karadzovski from the Public Health Institute (PHI) on Thursday.

According to him, this is the largest number of measles cases in the last 25 years. Regarding the new 105 cases, Karadzovski emphasized that 77.1 percent are unvaccinated individuals, or vaccinated with one dose or persons for whom there is no vaccination status.

So far, a total of 27,000 people have been vaccinated since the onset of the epidemic, but another 15,600 people are susceptible to vaccination, sensitive to the virus, and have not yet been vaccinated. That is why, as an epidemiologist, I urge vaccination to continue, said Dr. Karadzovski.

The Ministry of Health informed Thursday that 1,246 healthcare workers have been vaccinated so far.