The official program of the visit has not yet been confirmed. It is expected, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the government complex of the Palace of Serbia, the largest Orthodox Church of Saint Sava and the memorial to Russian soldiers in the Serbian capital, Sputnik reports.

On 21 December, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he expected his Russian counterpart to visit Serbia on 17 January. On 9 January, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Putin’s visit was being prepared and program was being worked out.

The Serbian police will take high-level security measures during the expected visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Special measures will be taken to ensure physical and technical security along the route of the protected person and near the places that would be visited by the Russian president”, the Serbian Interior Ministry said in a statement Monday, citing the head of the ministry’s security department for the protection of foreign officials Slavisa Krstic.

Belgrade city Traffic Police Department chief Dragan Bogosavac also stressed that top level security measures would be be taken during the visit.

“Any traffic on the route of the protected person, as well as on the roads adjacent to his route, will be prohibited. Parking of cars on roads on his route will also be prohibited”, Bogosavac said, as quoted by the ministry.

Meanwhile, on 17 January, the public association Belgrade Development Center will organize a rally in support of the Serbian-Russian friendship and a solemn procession in the center of Belgrade in honor of Putin’s arrival.