Speaking about the final agreement with Serbia, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci said a creative solution is required which would guarantee that the interests of the two sides will be fulfilled as well as those of the U.S., NATO and EU.

Thaci thinks inclusion of Presevo, Medvedje and Bujanovc in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo will be logical but at the same time by not undermining Kosovo state resources like Gazivoda, or Mitrovica north, Trepca, or other assets.

“And of course, at the end there can be no recognition between the two countries without a clear definition of the Kosovo-Serbia interstate border,” Thaci says in an interview with Voice of America in Albanian.

He added that any advice from the U.S. will be fully respected by Kosovo institutions.

“I am optimistic Kosovo will not take the burden of being responsible for blocking the negotiations process,” Thaci said.

Asked about Kosovo’s red lines, Thaci said: “There can be no dialogue where there is no assurance from Serbia of recognition and of opening the way for Kosovo’s membership to the UN.