Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci sees plans for territorial exchange with Serbia as the best way forward for accession to the EU and NATO.

“The agreement would create more stability and peace in the region, and Kosovo and Serbia would succeed.” Joining the EU and NATO, “said Thaci in an interview with the APA agency in Vienna, reports the Viennese Watchtower today.

Thaci said this does not mean withdrawing borders along ethnic lines.

“Both countries will not have mono-ethnic borders to be multiethnic,” he said.

APA adds that tensions in the north Kosovo is one of the reasons for the early conclusion of the agreement with Serbia. ” The agreement means that there will never be a war between the two countries because people will have a better life, agreeing to improve the economic situation, to create more jobs and open borders, “said Thaci, adding that the model

The chances of a successful deal are greater than ever, as both the EU and the US support the plan. “It is new that Russia would be prepared to accept an agreement that would

It is therefore important to use this “momentum” to achieve a balanced agreement that takes into account the interests of both countries.

“In the past, there were none such willingness, and if we do not seize the opportunity, our citizens will be judged by us for decades, “he added.

The agreement should not just push the boundaries

This agreement is intended to be a comprehensive agreement dealing with other issues, such as those missing in the war in Yugoslavia, which have not yet returned and have not yet settled the cultural heritage of the Serbs. ” Development and the issues that are still open between Kosovo and Serbia, “Thaci said.

“The goal of the agreement is to settle the problem definitively and not be a temporary solution, which must then be returned.” It is him.

Thaci rejected the allegations of advocating a state-run state we will try to integrate the region into a pan-European space, ” he said.

Regarding Kosovo’s decision to form its own army, Thaci said,” This is one legitimate decision of a sovereign state. ”

” I have decided in accordance with the will of the people of Kosovo, ” he said, adding that the army is multiethnic and peace with other countries such as Serbia and the communities in the region.

“Our fault” It took us so long that it had to be a long time ago, “he added.

Source: newsbeezer.com