Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Saturday that Pristina’s accusations of vice-president of the Serbian list Milan Radojicic are aimed at weakening the Serbian defense of northern Kosovo. Commenting on the statement made by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci that he expelled Radojicic, Vucic in an interview with  RTS said Thaci knew that Radojicic was one of the key figures in this area, and as said, Albanians are now waiting for a moment to attack northern Kosovo.

He said he was pleased that Serbia had not accepted provocation of agents.

The Serbian President said that one of the leaders of a Western intelligence agency had told him that an attempt was being made to set up a case in which Radojicic will be shown as a killer.

We still do not have a red arrest warrant, we can get anything, stressed Vucic.

He said that what happened in the past few days in Pristina, Tirana, in the world, but also in Belgrade, showed how right he was that Serbia was very far from a deal with Pristina.