In Banjska, in the northern part of Kosovo, a group of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija yesterday night erected two trucks as roadblocks. Following the Kosovo police’s attempt to take down the barricades, there was an altercation with the Serbs who had erected them, during which one police officer was killed. The Jarinje and Brnjak crossings are closed as of 8:57, and fighting and gunfire are still occurring. According to Aleksandar Vucic, the president of Serbia, at tonight’s news conference, the Albanians announced at 10:15 that four Serbian cities were the sites of terrorist attacks.
“A total of 62 times they used the police against the Serbs. 56 ethically motivated attacks on Serbs. Will only those who are pursued by the police, to avoid arrest by the Kurti police, naturally try to do something for themselves and their families. In no way do I want to justify the killing of an Albanian policeman, nor can I justify it. It is absolutely condemnable and it is something that no one needs, Kurti is the main organizer of the chaos in Kosovo and there is no way around it” – said Vucic.
He highlighted that he had forewarned of all of this in both Brussels and New York, and that Kurti’s horror is being experienced by Serbs, not the populace of central Serbia as portrayed in the Pristina media. According to Vucic, there are films for all of this and it has been established that three Serbs died in Kosovo and Metohija—two of them from sniper fire—two others were critically injured, and it is believed that a fourth Serb was also slain.

He stressed that although Pavle Bihali from Belgrade was supposed to have been assassinated by the Albanian media, the young man who was killed had nothing to do with him.

The only culprit, according to Vucic, although, as he said, there is also guilt among those who help him in this, for everything that is happening in Kosovo, is Albin Kurti.

“This is the man who replaced Djuric, even though it is against the Brussels agreement. He had no qualms about it. He left people to fend for themselves and was constantly provoking. And I am sorry that some of the Serbs fell for those provocations. Albin Kurti is the only culprit, the only one who loves conflicts and war. No other person wants conflict and war, his only wish is to drag us into a war with NATO and that’s all he does all day… Today they said “kill them all”, when Serbia went to Drenica to deal with those they wanted to secede from the country, they said they are freedom fighters, only the Serbs seem to be terrorists. It is a lesson for us to know who we are dealing with “- said Vucic.

He reiterated it once more: “They can kill all the Serbs, but they’re not going to recognize Kosovo.”