A significant convoy of vehicles belonging to the Kosovo Police, the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), and the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR) converged at the crossroads in the village of Banjska. This movement was in response to the incident that occurred on Sunday, September 24, involving a gunfight in which one Kosovar policeman and a minimum of three individuals from the group of over 30 armed and masked attackers lost their lives. This information was reported on-site by the Kosova Press agency.
According to the correspondent from KP, some of the vehicles are now heading back to the Orthodox monastery in the area, while others are continuing their journey towards the border crossing with Serbia, Jarinje.

An increased number of police officers have been observed patrolling along the entire Zvečan – Leposavic – Jarinje highway in northern Kosovo since yesterday.

Additionally, a KFOR helicopter periodically conducts aerial surveillance of the area to monitor the situation.

Sources from KP have reported that near the monastery, the police have identified another vehicle, raising suspicions of potential weaponry inside.

At present, the situation in that region of the country remains peaceful, as reported by the Kosovo Agency.