The “All For MKC” movement is staging a protest at 10:45 h in front of the Council of the City of Skopje as a sign of revolt against the budget cuts and the change of the temporary leadership of the city institution. The organizers say that the purpose of the action is to show the culture and history of the Youth Cultural Center (MKC).

We believe that MKC definitely does not deserve to have its budget cut by 92% and be the target of political games. We ask the City of Skopje to change this decision as soon as possible. For over 50 years, MKC has been home to many artists, musicians, cultural workers, and an active audience. We will not give up on this historical institution and we will not stop fighting for its survival, says the movement.

“All For MKC” is an informal movement of musicians, artists and concerned citizens who fight for the preservation and fair financing of the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje. The movement was formed immediately after the civil gathering #AllForMKC which was held on January 22 on the plateau in front of MKC in order to express the revolt against the current developments with the reduction of the budget and, as stated, the improper change of the acting director.