Antonio Grujovski clinched the top prize at the “Skopje of the New Generation” competition by Europe House Skopje with his project “Lotus for Her: Sustainable Oasis in the Skopje City Park.” The competition aimed to reinvigorate Skopje’s urban landscape and attracted twelve teams of young architects. An exhibition showcasing these innovative proposals is on display at the Central Post Office until November 16.

Grujovski, the winner, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, highlighting the need to shift focus from the past to present challenges like climate change. Minister Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska emphasized the competition’s role in merging past heritage with future aspirations, specifically addressing the potential revitalization of the Post Office building. The EU Ambassador to North Macedonia, David Geer, underscored the architectural significance of the Post Office, noting its endangered status and advocating for its urgent rehabilitation.

The exhibition sheds light on the innovative solutions proposed by young architects for Skopje’s landmarks and emphasizes the pressing need to preserve and revitalize the city’s architectural heritage.