The National Opera and Ballet will present Verdi’s Macbeth, after Shakespeare’s supernatural tragedy—directed by Marco Spada, conducted by Diego García Rodríguez, and starring Boris Trajanov in the titular role and Vesna Gjinovska-Ilkova as Lady Macbeth—at 8 pm.

“Perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most significant plays,” according to the Opera‘s communications team, “Macbeth raises questions about human psychology, greed, and desire for power, which can wipe out all common sense.

“This is the operatic work with which Giuseppe Verdi established an artistic connection to Shakespeare’s dramas.”

“Making a number of exceptions to traditional Italian opera,” the Opera’s announcement reads, “and introducing changes into his own musical expression, Verdi has given us a tale of the destructive force of human nature, personified through the leading characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, who will be portrayed on stage by primo uomo Boris Trajanov and prima donna Vesna Gjinovska-Ilkova.”

The cast includes Aleksandar Stefanoski, Nikola Stojcheski, Katerina Miteva, Dejan Stoev, Dime Petrov, Borko Bidzhovski, Marko Gapo, and Dimitar Kozhuharov.

Also performing will be the National Opera and Ballet choir, orchestra, and ballet ensemble.

The set was designed by Mauro Tinti and the costumes by Rade Vasilev. Olga Pango choreographed the ballet.