In 2024, a total of Mden 867.6 million (EUR 14 million) will be allocated to national culture projects, as announced by Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska in a recent press conference.

The Ministry of Culture will finance various projects, including the celebration of significant anniversaries such as the 100th year of the Archaeological Museum, 80th year of the National University Library, 80th year of the Philharmonic, 75th year of Tanec, and the 20th anniversary of former President Boris Trajkovski’s death. Funds will also support cultural heritage protection, the Universal Hall reconstruction, and events promoting Macedonian culture.

Additionally, financial backing will go towards the Turkish Theater, Tetovo Theater and Library, Kumanovo Theatre, the reconstruction of the Museum of Macedonia, the former Partizan Cinema at the Bitola National Theatre transformation into a multi-functional center, and Universal Hall renovations.

In terms of international promotion of Macedonian culture, the minister emphasized prioritizing quality and innovative projects. The funded projects will be implemented in EU presiding countries, European culture capitals, promote strategic dialogue with the United States, strengthen cooperation with the diaspora, encourage regional cooperation, and foster connections.

Compared to the previous year, an increase of EUR 1.5 million has been allocated for this year’s national and cultural interest projects, including new endeavors from the creative industries. The selection process, carried out by a committee, highlighted 26 projects that “shift boundaries and offer different perspectives in the creative industries.” The committee aimed for a fair and professional selection based on established criteria, valuing tradition, supporting quality and continuity, addressing public interest and citizens’ needs, and stimulating the creativity of young people. The final results will be made available on the Ministry of Culture’s website.