The National Opera and Ballet is set to present Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s enchanting ballet “Sleeping Beauty” on Thursday and Friday evenings.

A press release from the NOB highlighted the enduring appeal of this classic ballet fairy tale, which has captivated audiences worldwide for over a century. The ballet is celebrated for its intricate variations, brilliant performances, and adherence to pure classical technique.

Under the baton of Bisera Chadlovska, the choreography for this rendition comes courtesy of Viktor Iaremenko and Tetiana Beletska, hailing from Ukraine.

Taking center stage on March 7 are the accomplished performers Marija Kichevska Shokarovska and Emil Yordanov from Bulgaria, supported by the talented dancers and orchestra of the National Opera and Ballet.

The spotlight will shift on March 8 to feature Hristina Nakjevska and Balázs Lőcsei from Hungary, headlining the production alongside the National Opera and Ballet’s skilled dancers and orchestra.

Guiding the musical elements, Jane Bakevski serves as the concertmaster, with Kliment Todoroski delivering a captivating violin solo and Kiril Josifov showcasing his talent in a mesmerizing cello solo. Miodrag Tabachki is the creative mind behind the set and costumes, while Milcho Aleksandrov takes charge as the lighting designer. This performance promises to be a splendid showcase of artistry and talent, bringing Tchaikovsky’s timeless masterpiece to life in a truly captivating manner.