The cost of living in May increased by 2% compared to April, while retail prices went up 1.5% in the same period. Compared to May 2021, the cost of living in May 2022 jumped by 11.9%, while retail prices by 12.1%, State Statistical Office data shows.

An increase in the Consumer Price Index in May 2022, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in oils and fats by 6.7%, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery by 6.2%, milk by 5.4%, bread and cereals by 3.7%, coffee, tea and cocoa by 3.1%, cheese and curd by 2.9%, mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices by 2.7%, fresh or chilled fruit by 2.6%, meat by 2.5%, fish and seafood by 2.3%, fresh or chilled vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers by 1.6%, food products n.e.c by 1.1%, beer by 1.0%, spirits by 0.5% and wine by 0.3%.

In May, there was also an increase in the indices of other medical products by 19.0%, accommodation services by 7.5%, fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment by 7.4%, jewellery, clocks and watches by 7.0%, liquid fuels for household by 5.8%, domestic services and household services by 5.7%, package holidays by 4.3%, footwear by 3.3%, repair and hire of footwear by 2.6%, non-durable household goods by 2.5%, other appliances, articles and products for personal care by 2.2%, cleaning, repair and hire of clothing, gas for household, hair dressing salons and personal grooming establishments by 1.7%, furniture and furnishings by 1.6%, stationery and drawing materials by 1.5%, bicycles by 1.2%, other articles of clothing and clothing accessories, motor cars by 1.1%, household textiles by 1.0%, materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling by 0.9%, major household appliances by 0.8%, therapeutic appliances and equipment, equipment for reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture by 0.7%, glassware, tableware and household utensils, pharmaceutical products, medical services, recording media, games, toys and hobbies, recreational and sporting services, miscellaneous printed matter, restaurants, cafes and the like by 0.6%, small tools and miscellaneous accessories by 0.5%, clothing materials, repair of furniture, furnishings and floor coverings, pets and related products by 0.4%, garments, services for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling, dental services, maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment, information processing equipment by 0.3%, small electric household appliances, major tools and equipment, cultural services, other personal effects by 0.2%.

A decrease in the Consumer Price index in May 2022, in comparison with the previous month, was registered in passenger transport by air by 10.5%, gardens, plants and flowers by 2.4% and electric appliances for personal care by 1.2%.