As of midnight, the retail price of Eurodiesel fuel will be 2.5 denars per liter lower and that of Eurosuper BS 95 and of Eurosuper BS 98 will be 0.5 denars per liter lower, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The price of extra light household oil will also be lower by 2.00 denars.

The new price of Eurosuper BS 95 will be 93.50, and Eurosuper BS 98 will cost 96.00 denars per liter.

Eurodiesel BS (D-E V) will be sold for 96.00 denars, and extra light household oil for 91.00 denars per liter.

The retail price of crude oil decreases by 0.806 den/kg and will amount to 49.189 den/kg.