While we are listening to the praises of the Government of “our country” about how much energy the state company ELEM produced, the new transformer for the third bloc in REK Bitola will have delays in its delivery due to some transport problems, says the Energy Committee of VMRO-DPMNE.

AD ELEM concluded a contract for the repair of the damaged transformer in REK Bitola with COMEL from Serbia. Also, on July 28, 2022, it concluded a contract for a new transformer for the third bloc in REK Bitola, which according to the contract was supposed to be installed on site and put into operation no later than November 15. And here the date came, but the transformer did not. Now it is completely unclear when and if bloc 3 in REK Bitola will be in operation or will wait for the other transformer that is under repair in Serbia, added the committee, asking whether penalties be charged for the delay and non-fulfillment of contractual terms?

In addition, the generator at TEC Negotino is dysfunctional and is now being quickly repaired with some engagements that have not been announced at the public procurement office, which indicates that it is with the preferred method of direct negotiation without public announcement.

This is the real situation in energy. A characteristic of the work of this government led by DUI and SDSM is only good PR marketing and lies, and in essence we have an outflow of millions of euros for the import of electricity with money from the Budget which is paid by the citizens of Macedonia, says VMRO-DPMNE.