The Regulatory Commission for Energy passed a Decision increasing the retail prices of fuel products by an average of 2.90% compared to the decision of January 16, 2023.

The retail prices of EUROSUPER BS-95 and EUROSUPER BS-98 are increasing by 2.50 den/liter, while the retail prices of EURODIESEL (D-E V) and Extra light household oil (EL-1) are increasing by 2.00 den/lit.

The retail price of Mazut M-1 NS increases by 1.355 den/kg and will now amount to 40.814 den/kg.

As of midnight the prices will be:

EUROSUPER BS-95 – 82.50 (denars/liter)

EUROSUPER BS -98 – 85.50 (denars/liter)

EURODIESEL BS (D-E V) – 83.50 (denars/liter)

Extra light household oil (EL-1) 83.00 (denars/liter)

Mazut M-1 NS – 40,814 (denars/kilogram)