Budget funds amounting to EUR 250 million were allocated for anti-crisis measures, and one of them is subsidizing heating bills in Skopje. We will look over the calculations made by the companies that participate in production and distribution, and the estimates for the changing gas prices and other energy sources that supply the heating energy, and have the Government make subsidies accordingly, in order to avoid a price shock for 2022 as well, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski announced on Friday.

“Last year people had the opportunity to see in their electricity bills that electricity was subsidized in relation to the market price, up to 80 and over 80 percent during some months. And we will continue doing just that. We did the same with the heating,” Kovachevski said in response to a reporter’s question during the cornerstone-laying ceremony of a new police station in Aerodorm, together with the Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

He stressed that if the Government had not subsidized heating in 2022, and if they have not taken over the entire network and production of heating energy, then Skopje would not have had any heating.

“The obligation falls on the city of Skopje and the opposition who boasted that they would have made Skopje a metropolis, and now nothing that has already been implemented can be improved. I plan on calling the leaders of Skopje to see what we as a government can do to help citizens, because the citizens of Skopje deserve to live in a metropolis, and do not deserve to have VMRO-DPMNE and their mayoral candidate constantly fight over who was in the right,” Kovachevski said.