An important part of the VMRO-DPMNE Platform #1198 program is to create a new Energy Ministry, said party official Sanja Bozinovska. This is in response to the serious energy crisis Macedonia fell into under the SDSM – DUI regime.

We have a non-functional energy department in the Economy Ministry and we have no new energy generating capacities. The new Ministry will cooperate closely with the largest energy company ESM to reduce our energy imports. Macedonia must build generating capacities on its own so that we can have continuous and sustainable production. We intend to modernize the REK Bitola coal plant, build two co-generative gas fired plants that will provide both heat and electricity, and to build wind parks to boost renewable production, Bozinovska said during the party’s conference where the election program was presented.

Elena Markova added that VMRO-DPMNE will abolish the newly introduced fee for access to the energy network of 200 denars, added to the monthly power bill. According to Markova, the next Government will ensure the opening of the Zivojno coal mine to make best use of the remaining years of REK Bitola.