A number of economic experts from VMRO-DPMNE presented the party’s economic program, as part of its Platform #1198, that will be implemented in the coming four years, if VMRO-DPMNE wins the elections.

Party Vice President Gordana Dimitrievska – Kocovska said that the platform will aim to reduce unemployment to 7.5 percent, will reduce gray economy and will greatly expand infrastructure investments.

The SDSM – DUI Government leaves wreackage and bankruptcy in its wake in the budget. But VMRO-DPMNE has high level economists, whose focus will be to bring capital investments, private sector investments and to ensure a 5 percent GDP growth rate by 2028. The infrastructure investments will amount to three billion EUR, and also cover education and healthcare. We aim to generate 55,000 new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate, Dimitrievska said.

Interim Deputy Finance Minister Elena Petrova added that the program includes 1,000 steps and projects that will improve the economy. She blamed SDSM of gross abuse in the UJP tax authority, including allowing evasion and corruption.
Maja Kadievska – Vojnovic said that the program includes a decade long strategy for attraction of foreign direct investments, as well as support for start-up companies.