According to the census data, more than a third of the total 839,174 listed apartments are empty. 531,987 apartments are inhabited, and the remaining 36.6 percent, or 307,187 apartments are empty. Of the Skopje municipalities, Centar has the most empty apartments – 10,865 or over 40 percent of the total number, and Cair has the least number of empty apartments – 22.5 percent of the total of 17,771 apartments.

According to data from real estate agencies, apartment prices range from 1,800 to 2,200 euros per square meter in and around the center of Skopje. There are no apartments for sale under 1,100 euros.

In the last period, an enormous growth in the prices of construction materials and electricity was registered. Utility fees have also increased by more than 40 percent.