The Government of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with the Delegation of the German Economy in the country informs about a record increase in trade between the two countries.

According to the official statistics of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection of Germany, as announced today by the government press service, trade between Germany and Macedonia in 2021 again increased significantly and reached its record level.

In 2021, trade between the two countries amounted to 4.7 billion euros, which means an increase of 23.6 percent compared to last year. Exports from Macedonia to Germany in 2021 increased by 24.8 percent compared to 2020, while imports from Germany to Macedonia rose from 1 billion euros to 1.2 billion euros, an increase of 20.6 percent.

The Government emphasizes that the economic cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany is at an extremely high level and traditionally this country is the first trade partner of the country, with a large number of direct investments of companies from Germany in our country.

The government will continue to create an environment for economic development and progress in order for the two countries to continue to improve business relations. There is potential for improving relations and further expansion of cooperation in investments in energy with a focus on renewable sources, industry, environmental protection, according to information from the government press service.